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In global competition, the private sector should be ahead to grab market opportunities, while the Government through embassies abroad could support by improving imperfect regulations. In the effort to invigorate export, the Government should maximize the role of Trading House which was rated as important to make breakthrough in B to B relationship between Indonesia and buyer countries.

The Director General for non Oil Gas Export Development [PEN], Ministry of Trade, Nus Nuzulia Iskak stated in Jakarta on Monday [28/4] disclosed that the effort to promote export in 2014 would be enhanced through a range of policy and program with focus on upgrading Human Resources quality and quality of Indonesia’s export commodities. In this year 2014, Nus said, the Directorate General of PEN would execute 179 coodinated promotional events intensively at home and abroad. Of the promotional activities, 55% would be executed in non traditional export destinations, partly in traditional export destinations, partly in traditional export destinations and the rest to be held at home.

Export Promotion activities by the Ministry of Trade would be based on information and inputs on export destination countries complied by the Directorate General of PEN or representative abroad, i.e. 19 Indonesia Trade Promotion Centers [ITPC] 24 Trade Attaches, Trade Consulate in Hong Kong, and Indonesia Trade and Economy Office [KDEI] in Taipei and other Indonesian trade representative.

Strengthening of Indonesia exporters capability must be enhanced. Collaboration between the Directorate General of PEN with International trade promotion offices from North America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East had been fostered and realized to promote Indonesia’s non oil gas export.

Nus disclosed efforts made by the Dir. Gen. of PEN, among others Coaching Program exercised since 2010 in collaboration with Trade Facilities Office [TFO] of Canada. Total small business [UKM] facilitated up to 2013 numbered of participants was 120 UKM. He explained that the objective of this Coaching Program was to enable potential UKM to manage export effectively by promoting management and production.

Meanwhile I Wayan Dipta, Deputy of Resources Studies [UKMK], Ministry of Cooperatives and UKM disclosed that today that the number of UKM who managed to market their products abroad directly constituted only 0.01% of total number of UKM or less than 2 million units. He disclosed that one if the reasons was insufficient number of Trading Houses in the regions. On the other hand Trading Houses which were not activated to the maximum was due to low public awareness of the facility.

According to Wayan, Trading Houses would enable UKM to sell their products to a broader market. Over two period of Government administration, Trading Houses had been under-promoted. He said that the export potential for UKM products was high, but they were unable to market their products to the maximum. “The reason is because to export, they have to go through a long chain of distribution process including goods collectors, and if they must export they have to do it through cargo companies” Wayan concluded. (SS)  

Business New - May 2, 2014

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