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Growth of big and medium manufacturing industry in quarter III/2012 which showed increase of 3.61% in quarter III/2012 made Indonesia poten­tial producer of manufacturing commodities from all over the country, to discover the best technol­ogy and innovation and solution for production of the most sophisticated machines in various indus­trial application. The various types of manufacturing products showing positive growth in quarter III/2012 compared to quarter III/2011 were various instru­ments for reparation like machinery installation (up by 23.24%) food (21.19%) chemicals and chemical-based products (20.43%) non-metal minery goods (17.65%), computers, electronic goods, and optic (15.75%), rubber, rubber-based goods, and plastic goods (14.42%).

For that matter the Indonesia Manufacturing Exhibition and Machine Tool Indonesia would be held in Jakarta in December 5 - 8, 2012 in Jakarta. The two exhibitions were excellent opportunity for the manufacturing communities from all over Indonesia toward the best technological invention and solution as well as processing solution by sophisticated ma­chines of various Industrial applications.

Indonesia had developed into a prominent manufacturing center globally. The manufacturing in­dustry and precision engineering continued to make rapid transformations to serve various industries. In­donesias economic growth which was estimated to reach 6.3% with foreign investment was expected to exceed USD 21.7 billion. This was disclosed by Malaysia Stephanie of Pamerindo Indoneasia expo or­ganizer.

This figure underscored Indonesias position as magnetic manufacturing center which contributed to the growth of import export center. The Manu­facturing Expo and machine Tools Indonesia 2012 promised access to technology and solution which contributed to faculitating efficiency enhancement in the manufacturing sector. On the other hand there were also industry types which posted negative pro­duction growth in quarter III 2011, i.e, the furniture industry which dropped by 15.5% and textile which slumped by 15.38% Machineries and equipments (12.94%) automotive trailer and trailer machines (9.7%) leather, leather good and footwear (9.67%) and paper and paper goods (8.83%).

The exhibition in 2011 last invited 2,400 participants of 38 countries which evidently served as platform for develop industry. With more than 23,371 regional buyers who came to visit this trade expo, the Manufacturing and Machine Tool Indonesia became an important event for the manufacturing industry. On the one hand various type of products displayed in this Manufacturing and Machine Tools Indonesia 2012 promised access to the sectors of automotive, aviation, medicine, electronics, oil and gas, maritime and shipping, building and construction to access the latest manufacturing technology available in the global market. 

Business News - December 7, 2012

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