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The Ministry of Environmental Affairs de­nied news that PT Lapindo Brantas was given Proper Green award. The Ministry clarified that Lapindo com­pany which was given Green award was not the Lap­indo located at the District of Porong in the Regency of Sidoardjo East Java. Its not the Lapindo located in Sidoardjo, East Java. Its in another location, its not the Lapindo which was troubled by environmental problem Masnel­lyati Hilman, Deputy IV of Poison­ous and Hazardous Materials (B3) Management dis­closed to Business News (14/121).

The criteria of Green used as reference in evaluating Lapindo was not groundless or loosely made. In fact the Ministry and the PROPER Techni­cal Appraisal Team had been strict and through about judging companys obedience. Lapindo deserve to get the award because they meet all the requirements in terms of water and air pollution control and control over B-3 wastage and conservation of biodiversity”.

In addition to that Lapindo and other com­panies which had been given the Green Award had succeeded in maintaining energy efficiency. The Min­istry and the Team also rated that the award winning companies which were categorized into Blue, Red and even black had undergone through evaluation. Its impossible for us not to investigate. If they make any mistake we can detect. We also monitor grievances of the surrounding communities. If there was any complaint at all it is impossible for the companies to win the Blue, Green, or Gold. The communities would report to us and based on that we evaluate Masnel­lyati Hilman remarked.

The Minister of Environmental Affairs Balthasar Kambuaya in his stipulation mentioned that Lapindo Brantas of Bunut Unit won the Green award together with 118 other companies. The final conclusion was based on performance evaluation over 1,327 companies for the period from July 2011 to June 2012. Kambuaya explained about the content of Letter of Stipulation of Evaluation outcome. The award was directly given by Vice President Boediono and Minister of Environmental Affairs Balthasar Kam­buaya on Monday night (3/12).

Propers appraisal for companies was an an­nual program conducted by the Ministry of Environ­ment (KLH). In their official statement, the Ministry of KLH mentioned that Proper was the Governments policy to step up companys performance in environ­mental management as guidelined in the Law and regulations.

Meanwhile PT Medco E&P Indonesia, a sub­sidiary company of PT Madco Energy Inetrnational Tbk again won the highest award in the Companys Performance Rating Program (PROPER) conducted by the Ministry of Environmental Affairs, PT Medco E&P Indonesia became the first oil & gas company which managed to win Gold Award for two consecutive years 2011 and 2012) through Block Rimau project in South Sumatra.

Beside winning Gold Award, PT Medco EP In­donesia was also awarded the Green Award for their 4 oil-gas exploration zones, i.e. Block South Suma­tra extention in South Sumatra, Block Kemper, Riau, Block Tarakan and Sembakung in East Kalimantan and Blue Award for Block Lematang in South Suma­tra. The Gold Proper Award was presented by Vice President Boediono in Jakarta on Monday, December 3, 2012 and was received by President Director of Medco E&P Indonesia Frila Berlini Yaman. Presentation of the PROPER award was to enhance compa­nys concern in environmental management, lmron Ghazali, Head of Corporate Secretary of Medco told Business News (4/12).

Since 2011 until today there were eight cri­teria for appraisal to win the Gold and Green PROPER which had been applied by PT Medco E&P Indonesia, among others effective environmental management, energy and natural resources conservation program, energy efficiency program, effective B-3 wastage management, proper policy on conservation of bio-di­versity, and Waste Treatment Center. Other aspects of appraisal which was top seeded this year was na­ture school for farmers or the surrounding communi­ties to enable them to develop economy sustainably and independently. Evidently in this year 2012 PT Medco E&P Indonesia had succeeded in generating new groups on the basis of peoples empowerment. Among others the Karang Taruna Lais (producing re­cycle paper and plastic wastage), the Family Eel Rearing of Tabuan Asri Village (pilot project for organ­ic drugs) and Sustainable Environmentally Friendly Farming managing SRI organic rice.

This achievement is one of our successes in running companys mission, i.e to be the foremost in environmental protectrion and management and so­cial responsibility and at the same time to strengthen our resolution to be The Energy Company of Choice.

Medco Energy was an integrated public en­ergy enterprise with focus on exploration and produc­tion of oil and gas. Medco Energy was running opera­tions in Indonesia including among others 10 oil gas blocks, maintaining right of ownership of 3 blocks and participating in exploration fields. In other coun­tries Medco Energy was operating in Oman, Yaman, Lybia and Gulf of Mexico and in the USA. Medco also operated some gas and steam generators to supply electricity to the State Electricity Company PLN, pro­ducing Liquefied Petroleum gas, bio-ethanol, coal and was also involved in trading and distribution of High Speed Diesel.

Business News - December 7, 2012

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