Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Level and type consumer complaints related to protection and empowerment of Indonesian consumers did not experience a very significant change. It means that products and services which are mainly complained by Indonesian consumers are property, air transport, and banking services. Those three sectors, in the past four years, have been receiving complaints from consumers. Complaints concerning air transport services are commonly about delay of departure. “Many consumers complaint because the delay is not announced earlier”. Aman Sinaga of Directorate of Consumer Empowerment at the Trade Ministry, told Business News (9/26).

While, in property sector, consume r complaints are mainly about land building. Not many consumers who have bought apartment units filed complaints to Consumer Dispute settlement Agency (BPSK). “But, there are some of them who have filed complaints verbally to Indonesian Consumer Foundation (YLKI).”

Property developers frequently offer their would-be buyers brochures containing good promises. One of the offers is status of land, namely HGB (Right to Build) granted over HPL (Right to Use Land). It means that the brochure did not mention about the HPL status. So, when the HGB period is extended, consumers must pay an extra fee due to HPL status. “The consequence is that buyer must pay extra cost. “That offer in the brochure did not mention it. This is misleading information which causes losses to customers.”

Some visitors of Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2012 admitted they are careful about car offers, especially four-wheeled cars. In addition to payment system, other promises, like fuel saving, is not always right. “We no longer believe the promises written on brochures or leaflets. Many of them are not in accordance with facts”. Aryo W., a consumer who filed a complaint through BPSK of DKI Jakarta Province, told Business News (9/25).

Buyers of specific car brands, like Nissan March, planned to file a class action. The class action reflects an increasing consumers’ awareness, especially against business operators who seek profit by any means. “The lower court ruled that we won the case. Now, we are waiting for Supreme Court’s decision.”

Consumers consider that the appeal filed by business operator to the Supreme Court’s decision is already issued, the officers in charge will immediately execute the decision. Consumers claimed that price of Nissan car is incomparable or unsuitable to fuel saving condition. Price of one unit of Nissan car is around Rp.158 million. When the Lower Court of Central Jakarta’s ruling accepts consumers’ claim, the company concerned did not want to buy the cars back. “They will, but at a cheaper price or Rp.138 million. We refused, and would only accept the price at the time of purchase.”

Based on decision of BPSK of DKI Jakarta Province, price of car bought back by Nissan should be around Rp.150 million. But, the amount offered by BPSK was also refused by consumers. “We refuse and teach a lesson to business operator. Do not advertise by giving false information to consumers”. 
Business News - September 28, 2012

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