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Based on result of survey of the National Bureau of Statistics (BPS), in August 2012 General Wholesale Price Index (IHPB) of Non Oil & Gas is recorded at 191.81 or increases 0.55% from 190.76 in July 2012. The IHPB increase is due to price increase as shown by increase of Agriculture Index by 1.6%, Industry Index by 0.51%, Non Oil & Gas Exports Index by 0.06%. While, Mining and Quarrying Index is down by 0.18%. Commodities which experience price increase in August 2012 are, amongst other, paddy/un milled rice, corn, ocean fish, freshwater fish, and beef.

In August 2012, industry sector is the biggest contributor to IPHB change, namely at 0.25, Agriculture, Non Oil & Gas Import, and Non Oil & Gas Exports contribute 0.23; 0.06; and 0.01 respectively.

IHPB of Building/Construction Materials consisting of 5 groups of building types in August 2012, in general, experiences increase of index at 0.30% if compared to the previous month. In August 2012 all groups of building types experience increases of index. Residential and Non-Residential Building Group increases 0.27%, and Other Building increases 0.30%.

Raw Material

IHPB of Non Oil & Gas Raw Material in August 2012 increases 0.43% if compared to the previous month, or from 195.90 in July 2012 to 196.75 in August 2012. Increase in IHPB of Non Oil & Gas Raw Materials and Imported Raw Material is increase of prices of commodities in the Food Crop Subsector and Other Food Industry Subsector. Commodities giving a quite big contribution to change of Non Oil & Gas Raw Material Index are, amongst others, paddy/un hulled rice and wheat flour.

Consumption Materials

Non Oil & Gas Consumption Material Index in August 2012 increases 1.00% from the previous month, or from 208.34 in July 2012 to 210.42 in August 2012. Agriculture is the biggest contributor to change of Consumption Materials Index or at 0.55. while, Industry and Imported Consumption Materials contribute 0.42 and 0.03 respectively. Mining and Quarrying does not give a significant contribution. In August, Food Crop Subsector is the biggest contributor in Agriculture sector. The biggest contributor in Non Oil & Gas Imported Consumption Materials is Chemical Industrial Products.

Capital Materials

In August 2012, IHPB of Non Oil & Gas Capital Materials increases 0.14%, or from 159.07 in July 2012 to 159.30 in August 2012. The IPHB increase is due to increase of Agriculture Index, Industry Index, and Non Oil & Gas Imported Capital Materials Index 1.90%, 0.05%, and 0.22% respectively. Commodities which give a quite significant contribution to change of Non Oil & Gas Capital Materials index are, amongst others, cattle, compressor pumps and machineries, and imported heavy equipment.

Building/Construction Materials

IHPB of Building/Construction Materials in August 2012 increases 0.30%, or from 207.45 in July 2012 to 208.07 in August 2012. Increase in IHPB of Building/Construction Materials is contributed by Residential and Non-Residential Buildings Group at 0.15, General Works for Agriculture at 0.05, and Harbor at 0.08, and Other Buildings at 0.01.

Building materials group which experiences price increase in August 2012 are, amongst others, other products from non-metal materials by 0.27%, cement 0.35%, and quarrying product of any kind 0.24%

Business News - September 28, 2012

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