Wednesday, 14 December 2011


            Uni Europe extended grant to Indonesia amounting to € 22.5 million for developing capacity to related ministries/institutions in promoting trade and investment.

            The Directorate General of Debt Management, Ministry of Finance Rahmat Walutanto stated that The Trade Cooperation Facility (TCF) would support all Government efforts to promote trading and investment and to manage critical issues related to trade relationship and investment between Uni Europe and Indonesia.

            Rahmat expressed his highest appreciation to Uni Europe for their continued support to development programs of the Government of RI. This program would strengthen capacity of Government institutions to continue development in selected areas toward promoting trade and investments.

            The program, which was a strategic part of comprehensive collaboration aimed at just and sustainable economic growth in Indonesia complemented common initiative such as TSP II which promoted export development which enhanced export and support for reformation of public financial management and promotion of local communities as well as the active grant program which helped Indonesian business associations to increase their capacity.

            Moreover, the program also responded positively to the commitment of both parties to execute the Comprehensive Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) which included cooperation in developing trading capacity and facility. This was disclosed by Rachmat after signing of grant presentation contract with Uni-Europe-Indonesia TCF in Jakarta on Friday (4/11) while saying also that the project included trading area and investment policy, facilitation of investment and intellectual wealth, energy planning and technology innovations.

            The ministries and institutions who would receive this grant were those related to the program like Bappenas, Ministry of R & D, Coordinating Board of Management, Board of Technological Development BPPT. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, and the Ministry of Trade.

            Since 2001 total grant from uni Europe came to € 186.5 million consisting of 24 grant agreements. Today their were still six grant agreements which still in the process of offering.  

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