Monday, 19 December 2011


            Pertamina was making expansive marketing of their lubrication oil by probing on Vietnam. The effort was now at the stage of market survey. Pertamina was expecting that this expansive marketing measures could strengthen and broaden market base of Pertamina lubes in Asia. At the World Petroleum Congress 2011 in Doha, Qatar, Pertamina had also probed on market expansion to the Asia Pacific region an Africa.

            Pertamina was optimistic about the prospect of lube’s marketing abroad. By November 2011 Pertamina posted realization of overseas marketing at 193 thousand kilo liter. This sales record was above target of overseas marketing at 156 thousand kilo liters. Vietnam was the most highly potential market for Pertamina lubs. Vietnam had been shoeing positive economic growth with total population of around 89 million people, Vietnam’s GDP was showing significant growth at seven to eight percent per annum with GDP posted at above USD 100 billions.

            In overseas markets, Pertamina had posted sales of lubes at an average of 80 thousand kilo per annum since 2007. Previously on September 14, 2011 Pertamina had exported lubs to Bangla Desh, Sudi Arabia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philipippines, Timor Leste, Malaysia, Nepal, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Korea, China, Pakistan and Uni Arab Emirates.

            Appreciation for Pertamina’s lubricant products had been evident by increasing demand world-wide where sales had surpassed target by 23% and not to mention the number of awards won. Some were awards for Pertamina’s product quality and service. Pertamina lubes was awarded Top Brand Award 2010 from Frontier Consulting Group. Prima XP for four wheel vehicles lubes and Mesran for motorcycles. The awards won by Pertamina were proof of the company’s success in commanding over the domestic market while launching aggressive marketing campaigns overseas. In addition to that Mesran brand also was awarded Best Brand of The Decade by Mark Plus and Indonesia Original Brand.    

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