Wednesday, 14 December 2011


           Crisis in America and Europe apparently affected income target of Perum Perhutani which was only 67 percent by November 2011. Bambang Sukmananto mentioned income target of Rp 4 trillion by end of year was hard to attain. Last year Perhutani’s income was Rp 2.4 trillion.

            “What is there to say, economic climate is bad. Oud export is definitely affected. Perhaps of the Rp 4 trillion target only Rp 3 trillion could be met” Bambang stated on Tuesday (22/11). He stated that the market condition made it impossible for the company to maintain the profit figure.

            “But for Perhutani it’s no problem because we plan take quick action, we would enhance efficiency” The setback most strongly felt according to Bambang was export of Gondorukem to America and Europe. “But we plan to quickly shift destination to China who is also a competitor in exporting Gondorukem; although they also produce a great deal, market opportunity for Perhutani in China is still there” Bambang remarked.

            Although the global market was not favorable this year, Bambang was optimistic it would get better by next year. “We would prudently set target for next year, at least it should be the same as this year” he said.

            About the company’s plan for the future, Bambang added, Perhutani would continue to build derivative Gondorukem factory in Pemalang, and Bandung and Plywood factory in Kediri. “We will exercise investment because this year the climate is prospective Rp 300 billion is allocated for the three factories with target capacity of 48 thousand cubic meter per year and 17,500 thousand per year for derivatives of Gondorukem” Bambang was quoted as saying.

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