Sunday, 11 October 2015


In the effort to support MDGs attainments in Indonesia in the past 2015 agenda, the BKSAP of house had formed an MDGs Working Committee consisting of trans-fractional house members and trans commissional members under BKSAP with the objective to enhance awareness of House members on MDGs issues and how to attain them. The Committee also played the role of parliamentary diplomatic linkage to support the Government in attaining MDGs goals. This was disclosed by the Public Relations Dept. of House on Monday (29/6).

The Committee actively monitored and gave input and recommendations and make sure that the budgeting policy and legislation was supportive to the pursuit of MDGs in Indonesia. Focus Group discussion was held on May 27 2015 at the BKSAPO meeting room, at Parliament Hall. Present as speaker was Nina Sardjunadi of BAPPENAS and special envoy of MDGs and Torrefy Soetikno of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On that occasion Nina Sardjunadi disclosed that of 63 indicators targeted by MDGs, 13 indicators were attained for 2015. However 14 other indicators needed hard world to pursue target of 2015. Other indicators which were still un attained was to lessen death toll of mothers and infants, cases of HIV/AIDSW and import to GDP ratio.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs represented by Toffery Soetikno explained some points to be done by Parliament for MDGS i.e. to enhance implementation of global development agenda, monitoring of all execution process, to foster synergy of national and regional development agenda, to voice global development agenda at international forum and to mobilize domestic resources.

In FGD, chairman of BKSAP Dr. Nurhayati Ali Assegaf asked the two institutions to coordinate and involve the Parliament. However to learn a lesson from past experience it was important to publicize MDGs target and the indicators, considering there were still many regions who were not aware what MDGs was all about.

Chairman of BKSAP of House also reminded BAPPENAS and the Ministry of foreign Affairs to respond to the agenda of Sustainable Development Goals whereby to keep up with national development priority and to change the name of Global Development Agenda to be better understood by the public.

Agenda of the Working Committee which was executed was to appoint Chairman of the Committee and to discus future agenda. It was decided at the meeting that Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Committee would be form the Demokrat Party fraction, the PDI-P and the Golkar Party.

As final outcome of the MDGs committee meeting, a recommendation would be set up a further steps to be taken by the Government to meet unattained goals. Among the programs set was Technical Visit scheduled for September 2015.

Besides the MDGs would also scheme up a workplan i.e. to make a 7-minute Documentary film of the activities entitled “The role of Parliamentarians in Accelerating the Achievement of MDGs goals” There would also be a guidebook on Sustainable Development Goals and other information materials. The MDGS were the focal point in MFD’s affairs in the respective electoral areas. (SS)

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