Wednesday, 28 October 2015


The Board of National Food Resiliency of the Ministry of Agriculture were focusing their program on enhancement of people’s food resiliency. The objective of the program was to strengthen procurement of diversified food based on local resources. Mei Rochjat, Secretary of the Board was quoted as saying.

Other objective was to lessen the population of hungry people; to strengthen food distribution system and stabilize food price; to promote people’s knowledge and awareness of consumption of diversified, nutritious, well balanced and safe food.

The targeted energy consumption (Kkal/Capita/day) was 2,040; protein consumption (gram/capita/day) 56.4; the score of Expected Food Pattern was 86.2; Fresh Food Safety (by lab test) seen from biological pollution content; price of harvested dry gabah at producer’s level above HPP; coefficient of food variation (rice at consumer’s level <5 1="" 89.1="" and="" expected="" food-insecure="" food="" lowed="" o:p="" of="" pattern="" people="" population="" score="">

There had been improvement in the concept of Food Resilience Program, i.e. the Lestari Food House Zone, the Food Self Reliance Zone, the People’s Food Distribution Center, Food Price Stabilization at Food Production Center and Price of Food at Consumer’s level.

The process of alignment of people’s rice barn and development of rice barn through the Special Allocated Fund for agriculture; acceleration of food diversification process and food safety.

People’s empowerment to minimize starvation-prone population; strengthening of analysis and formulation of food policy and food resiliency. The operational step to strengthen distribution and stabilize food price to support rice-corn-soy production was to continue operations of 241 farmer’s groups people’s food distribution body. People’s rice barn numbering 1.650 which existed. Information of food prices was constantly.

The Program of Food Supply and Resiliency Enhancement was continuing operations in 192 food self-reliant zones and form 25 new self reliant zones. They also enhance consolidation of food and nutrition alert system and analysis of regional food resiliency and regional vulnerability; analysis of supply and food crisis.

The acceleration of food diversification plan and food gardens in 2,894 villages and to develop new gardens in 1,300 villages. The local main food plan was only to continue development of food backyard gardens in 27 business units already developed.

To analyze food consumption pattern; promote food diversification; and to preserve fresh food.

Efforts to secure fresh food safety, according to the Directorate General of Processing and Marketing of Agricultural Products Emilia Harahap in had been verified by Central OKKPP and 26 regional OKKP. Of the 26 OKKP 9 had formed Technical Execution Units i.e. the Province of East Java, South Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, North Sumatra. Lampung, NTB, Bengkulu and West Sumatra.

Undergoing the verification process were 7 OKKPD, i.e. Jakarta. Riau Islands, West Papua, Maluku, North Maluku and North Sulawesi and in the process of verification was the North Kalimantan Province.

Furthermore OKKPD at the provincial level was verifying OKKPD at regency/city level. The role of OKKPD was important for inspecting cultivators of agriculture products and to certify fresh agro products which had met the quality requirements.

To meet consumer’s demand for organic agro-products, the Director General of PPHP had set target to develop 1,000 organic agro villages. The villages which belonged to this category were villages where organic agriculture were developed signified by organic certification issued by the Organic Certification Body acknowledged by the Government.

Guidance and certification for organic products was executed in 600 villages including 250 horticulture villages and 150 plantation villages. In 2015 it was still at the stage of making guidelines, designation of farmer candidates and making modulus. In 2016 illumination was exercised including counseling and certification. In 2017 – 2020 it would be continued with marketing campaigns. (SS)

Business News - July 8, 2015

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