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Some Indonesian entrepreneurs have proven to have sufficient competitiveness, able to support quality products in the US market, and in the end, make Indonesia a product supply chain in the United States. In the end, they can also improve bilateral appreciation of Indonesia and the US, produce better economic growth, both in Indonesia and in the US. This statement was made by Indonesian Ambassador to the United States, Budi Bowoleksono, in “2015 Indonesian Ambassador’s Trade Appreciation Night” at the Indonesian Embassy in Washington, United States.

Five US companies, which received Indonesian Ambassador award in the field of trade, are Ethan Allen Design, Inc., American Furniture Manufacture, Inc., Design Selamat, Under Armour, Inc., and McCormick and Company, Inc. US employers have praised Indonesian embassy appreciates all the five companies, as they have been utilizing healthy investment credentials, business, and labor from Indonesia, which have been started in the past as well as the new ones.

“Basically, these companies recognize the competitiveness of Indonesia and choose products from Indonesia to become an integral part companies represent furniture sector, accessories, furnishings, clothing and footwear, and spices and seasoning. Indonesian Trade Attache in Washington DC, Made Marthini, revealed that the five companies that have constantly praised Indonesian workers who are skilled and reliable, for example, Indonesia’s ingenuity in design and production. Te five winners were proposed to receive Primaduta award in the Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2015, “said Made.

“This award is to emphasize that a successful bilateral trade will generate economic growth and employment, both in Indonesia and in the United States,” Budi said during the award giving ceremony. He said that in 2014, Indonesia’s exports to the United State reached nearly USD 28 billion, with a surplus enjoyed by Indonesia. “Therefore, it is expected to maintain bilateral trade with the United States so that it can continue to increase surplus for Indonesia,” he said.

Director of American Manufacture Company, Inc. and President of Indonesia-US Business Council, appreciates Harry Chou, Indonesian businessman, for his commitment and the high quality of its products. He said that the company might not be able to meet the demand which is quite difficult from the thousand of hotels requesting product furnishings and room design quickly, but it can be satisfied by Indonesian manufacturers.

Deputy Director of Apparel Sourcing Under Armour, Peter Gilmore, said that Indonesian entrepreneurs are relatively newcomers in the US market, but showing a quite good growth. “The purchase of Under Armour from Indonesian entrepreneurs, especially footwear, increased 75% in 2014 and 2015. Foot worker is a product of Footwear Under Armour with the fastest growth,” said Peter. Deputy Director of Government Affairs and Taxes of McCormick and Company, Inc., Paul Nolan, stated that Indonesia has become an important component in the supply chain of spices trade by the company.

“Cinnamon, black pepper, white pepper, nutmeg, vanilla and cloves are the most iconic, important and poplar products in the US and in the world that will encourage even greater demand for Indonesian herbs and species, “said Paul. Meanwhile, in the field of furniture, Indonesia is a major destination of US companies that want to get high quality furniture in a sustainable manner.

President of Selamat Desain, Thatcher Davis, appreciates Indonesian craftsmen skilled in making environmentally friendly, but trendy furniture. President CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Ethan Allen Design, Inc., Farooq Kathwary, said that many advantage of working with Indonesia is its history of expertise, workers with the spirit of learning. Investment made in technology, and a high work ethic held by the workers and the management, “said Kathwary.

Currently, five major Indonesian export products to the US include clothing, footwear, rubber, seafood, and furniture. While, Indonesian five major exports to the US include aircraft, soybeans, fruits, machine tools, and cotton. (E)

Business News - July 1, 2015

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