Sunday, 27 September 2015


Today the total area of critical soil in Indonesia was posted at 23.4 million ha. Indonesia was among the heighted countries in the world and was urged to minimize foret destruction. The Minister of Environment and forestry Affairs Siti Nurbaya was quoted as saying.

In fact compared to previous years the total expanse of critical land and been reduced notably. Somehow the Government was striving to accelerate land restoration process.

Hilman Nugroho, Director General of Riverbank Control stated that each year there was degradation of primary land to become critical land totaling 100,000 ha in Indonesia, which was evenly spread out nationwide.

It would be possible to rehabilitate land by only relying APBN budget. The budget available was only for 500,00 ha per year so it would take 48 years to rehabilitate.

Therefore the mass tree planting movement by school children and newly wed couples to restore critical land could be continued and the outcome would be constantly monitored.

If school children alone did the planting there would be 40 million trees and LAPAN to monitor the trees already planted. Hilman assured the mass planting campaign was more than just ceremonial. The planted trees would be nursed for 3 years before left alone to grow naturally. (SS)

Business News - July 1, 2015

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