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The Minister of Maritime and Fishery Susi Pudjiastuti felt it necessary to remind the Press in regard to the coverage of sinking of alien fishermen’s ship doing illegal fishing. In a press conference in KKP building [8/12] Minister Susi criticized photographer journalists covering the burning. “Perhaps the angle was not right so it gave the impression that the burned boat on the waters of Ambalas, Riau islands was traditional junk of the Banjar tribe of South Kalimantan. It’s really bullying on us who had worked so hard to do the right thing” Susi told Business News.

Susi said that the boat being sunk could no it be categorized as small vessel. On the other hand the damage and loss incurred by illegal fishing by alien ships were enormous. We are giving a deterrent effect on fish stealers.”

The fishermen in Pangandaran, West Java were who suffered most by illegal fishing, their catch dropped practically. The local fishermen at home would surely support Government’s effort to induce shock therapy on illegal fishers.

After giving deterrent effect, KKP would consider executing punishment in a different way on illegal fishermen. Perhaps not by sinking but confiscating the boat. The confiscate boat would be govern to local fishermen. “Our fishermen on the borders were running short of ships to compete against fishermen of other countries.”

In a jolly mood. Susi said that to confiscate foreign boats we  are waiting for the President’s instruction. “Mr. President once said that our stock of fishermen’s boat was sufficient. If we ran out of boats we will confiscate their boats”

The Minister underscored that the moratorium and putting deterrent effect in fish stealers was effective. He showed as an example Thailand who tend to let their fishermen to do illegal fishing in Indonesia waters now changed their stance. “The Ambassador of Thailand had met me and sad that their fishermen would not do illegal fishing again”

Susi also explained that Government of Malaysia was complaint to Indonesia’s moratorium. Malaysia proved their compliance by giving various instruments for detecting illegal fishermen. “The instrument was alert so if any Malaysian fishermen entered Indonesia’s waters it will sound alarm. The Government of Malaysia would not support their citizens becoming thieves” the cases of Malaysia and Thailand clarified Indonesia’s souverignity over the waters.

MKP stated that their effort did not end with sinking of 3 Vietnamese boats in Anambas. There would be alternative ways like diplomatic approach, such as in the case of 22 Chinese boats in Arafuru seas. MKP sent a Note of protest to the Embassy of China in Jakarta in the arrest of 22 boats in Arafuru waters between Australia and Papua in the Pacific Ocean. “I will coordinate with our Minister of Foreign Affairs Mrs. Retno for the diplomatic side of the case”

The notice was a reminder of commitment to the agreement between Indonesia and China. Detection of 22 China’s boats was like denying verbal agreement between MKP and the Chinese Ambassador. “Just a letter to follow up out agreement they will announce it to the fishermen communities. We have talked about it”.

Official notice would underscored pressures in China to respect law enforcement, i.e. moratorium in fishermen’s boats. “Without Official notice, it means nothing.”

KKP was preparing Joint Communique with China on December 13 was chosen because it was commemoration of Nusantara Day. There would be official announcement from the Government after diplomatic meeting or certain military ceremony. “The must not ne a lawless sea without traffic signs and rules”.

Because moratorium, KKP would soon apply fishing quota. This was in parallel with world convention on Sustainable Fisheries or World Conference on Stock Assessment Methods fir Sustainable Fisheries. The regulation was by coloring: red, yellow, green in Indonesian water territories. Red means KKP was not allowed to issue fishing permit. Secondly the equipment must be environmentally friendly so as not to damage bio lie at sea. “The Team we have just set up today [8/12] would inspect violations and enforce law.”

Beside problem with the boat from China, KKP was also investigating a Malaysian boat that penetrated to the waters of Tanjung BAlai of the Regency of Asahan, North Sumatra. Some traditional Indonesian boats being anchored spotted a few Malaysian boats trying to steal fish. The boat tried to find a way through a “mouse” wharf of Asahan, North Sumatra. MKP claimed they had conveyed the SMS about the incident. The SMS was conveyed to the Police. No result so far.”

The North Sumatra Police had taken action to troubleshoot the problem. The same incident was happening with manokwari I, II and III boats which was detoured to Papua. This was also thanks to people’s report by sms. After midnight about one or two o’clock sms stormed the Navy Chief of Staff, Commander of Armada of the West, and the Police. “People’s participation had been remarkable They are motivated because we respond to their report. The Security Team would make people believe. This a good way to eradicate illegal fishing”

Meanwhile press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RI disclosed that the Sea guard forces of Malaysia of Maritime Zone 3 Limit on December 7 2014 arrested a ship without identity around 43 miles Southwest of Pangkor island, Perak. The ship carried 32 Indonesian Citizens who were immigrants without permit and 4 crew. Officers also evident of Rp. Rm. 26,000 in Malaysia Ringgit and Rupiah. They were suspected to sail toward Indonesia’s territory of illegal route. “Today the 36 Indonesian citizens including 6 woman and a 1 month old baby were arrested in a Police station of Manjung, Perak,” the press release was sent to Business News [9/12].

Upon receipt oil report, the Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia Herman Prayitno commanded the Protection Team of the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur to see the arrested citizens. On Monday [8/12] the team had met commander of Malaysian APMM Limit Captain Razak to make sure that the detainees were in good condition; they had to under go remand period of maximum 14 days. Capt. Razak stated if the owner of ship and crew were proven to be guilty of carrying illegal immigrants, based on the Anti Human Traffic and Anti smuggling Law 2007 the convict might be sued maximum RM 250,000 or maximum 5 years of imprisonment of both charges simultaneously.

Considering baby’s safety, Ambassador Herman had commanded the Team to negotiate with the Malaysian authorities that the infant and mother and a pregnant woman could be set free and be deported to Indonesia by the Indonesian Embassy. Now the three persons were on the way to Kuala Lumpur while the rest were still being detained. (SS)

Business News - December 12, 2015

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