Friday, 6 February 2015


The Minister of Maritime and Fishery Susi Pudjiastuti admitted she had not followed up tackling of the case of arresting 22 boats from China at Arafura sea sometime ago. MKP had smelled out something fishy in the fishing ground of Arafura sea. MKP also claimed of being consistent with follow up of the lunch meeting with China’s Ambassador to Indonesia as joint action I permit moratorium policy. “I don’t know what the latest situation is like; we just see them in our AIS tracking system” Minister Susi disclosed to Business News through short message [12/12].

KKP was using transponders to detect 22 China’s ship which caught fish. Application of traceability of illegal led to China. Although the observation was run Arafura seas. Surveillance was also exercised with support of VMS application. The ships hoisted Indonesian flag but from INDESCO over Automatic Identification System in was seen they hoisted double flag to deceive. “AIS was linked to satellite for ships above 300 GT. Singapore, a small country had AIS, all ships must be transponder installed so a case like the 22 Chinese boats will not happen again.”

MKP also referred to Article 1 point 3 of the Maritime and Fishery Law in regard to the status of ship ownership. The rule was clear that loading and unloading must be done in administrative harbor. “or else permit could be withdrawn. The Law was based on logic, we cannot possibly permit transshipment”.

Other incident were the case of KM Manokwari I II and III i.e. abuse of SIKPI, and SIPI. MKP had already instructed the Dit. Gen PSFKP Asep Burhanuddin to withdraw SIKPI, When ship owner submitted SIPI they have signed comply to terms and conditions “After moratorium I wish permit to be withdrawn”

“I also had met an operator who did not respect my position as officer on duty. As Minister of KMP they had lied to me. They claimed that their catch was only 50 tons per year, meaning only 200 kilograms per day. As far as I know ships of 5 GT at Pangandaran West Java could carry 500 kg to 1 ton of fish. They are an example of uncooperative people, and have no respect for us”

On the other hand, MKP promised to communicate with the sailors. The spirit of an AIP Sea Academy graduate was contradictory to the fact that some Indonesian sailors had died in Korea sea. “I am most disheartened that many of our sailors died in the cold water in Korea. Ironically our seas are warm and many foreign sailors are enjoing it. We are the ones who should enjoy the warmth of our own sea waters.”

MKP also promised to step up inspection at sea. Now control at sea would be equal to control overland. MKO had heard many fishermen from Cirebon West Java who were willing to be stationed in territorial border zones. “They could be sea guards and at the same time fish”

The Law of Maritime and Fishery which included rules on zoning, must be on the side of fishermen. The Law of zonation did not permit to restrict fishermen’s movement and fishermen tend to move from one region to another. “No restriction allowed. The President said that we have been ignoring the sea for too long. We must not wait any longer before attending to fishermen”

The number of fishermen who died when they struggled for life at sea were not small. Meanwhile there were businessplayers including ship owners who weer having facilities for illegal fishing. There was even an incident when big size ship net-creased small fishermen’s boat. “Now not anymore. Now traditional fishermen dare to challenge big ships in net-creasing. No fooling about fighting illegal fishing. We [MKP] do not wish to be subject to mockery that our strategy would b short-lived. The President would issue a Presidential decree to ensure sustainable effort to troubleshoot illegal fishing” (SS)

Business News - December 17, 2015

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