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1.           1.     Oil & Gas and Non Oil & Gas Imports

Indonesia’s imports in June 2014 reached USD 15721.21 million, up USD 950.8 million (6.44 percent) compared to May 2014. This is triggered by the increase in the value of non-oil & gas imports by USD 1262.8 million (11.41 percent), although oil & gas imports fell by USD 312.0 million (8.42 percent). Imports of oil & gas imports was triggered by the decline in the value of crude oil imports by USD 135.4 million (10.44 percent), imports of oil products by USD 331.4 million (2.43 percent), and gas imports by USD 32.8 million (14.10 percent).
Indonesia’s imports value from January to June 2014 reached USD 89,977.0 million, down USD 4,433.8 million (4.70 percent) over the same period of the previous year. The decline in the oil and gas sector by USD 5122.8 million (5.70 percent) is the cause of the decrease in the value of Indonesia’s imports. In more detail, the decline in oil & gas imports caused by a decline in the value of imports of oil products of oil products by USD 331.4 million (2.43 percent) and USD 331.4 million (2.43 percent). Meanwhile, imports of crude oil and gas increased by USD 15.4 million (0.22 percent) and USD 5.2 million (0.34 percent), respectively.

1.           2.    Non Oil & Gas Imports by 2-Digit Hs Groups of Goods

In June 2014, the value of Indonesia’s non-oil & gas imports reached USD 12,326.5 million. of the major categories of goods, three classes of goods experience a decline in imports value compared to May 2014, namely cotton at USD 45.2 million (19.89 percent), cereals at USD 15.3 million (4.45 percent), and electrical machinery and equipment at USD 7.0 million (0.50 percent). Meanwhile, seven other groups which experienced an increase in import value.

Of the seven categories of goods which experienced an increase import value, two classes of goods increased over USD 100.00 million, i.e. machinery and mechanical appliances by USD 373.4 million (18.22 percent) and iron and steel by USD 141.7 million (20.80 percent). The following four classes of goods increased from USD 50.0 million to USD 100.0 million, i.e. articles of iron and steel at USD 93.1 million (28.59 percent), vehicles and parts thereof at USD 78.6 million (16.01 percent), Meanwhile, plastics and articles thereof increased below USD 50.0 million, i.e. USD 48.6 million or 7.68 percent.

3.            3. Non Oil & Gas Import by Main Countries Origin

Total value of Indonesian non-oil & gas imports in May 2014 amounted to USD 11,048.7 million, down USD 1,513.5 million (12.05 percent). From April 2014. Similarly, non-oil & gas imports from thirteen major countries fell by 13.93 percent (USD 1,419.0 million). The decrease was primarily due to the decline in the import value in some major countries, such as Japan by USD 397.8 million (24.06 percent), China USD 346.6 million (12.15 percent), the United Stated USD 156.5 million (18.62 percent), South Korea USD 152.2 million (20.45 percent), and Singapore USD 135.2 million (14.01 percent).

In terms of the role to total non-oil & gas imports in may 2014, ASEAN accounted for the largest part, which is 22.09 percent (USD 2,441.2 million), followed by the European Union at 9.49 percent (USD 1,048.2 million). While, the thirteen major countries provided a role of 79.36 percent, where China and Japan are the largest importers with a contribution of 22.68 percent (USD 2,506.3 million) and 11.36 percent (USD 1,255.3 million), respectively. (E)

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