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Data of Cipinang Rice Central Market had it on Monday [16/6] had it that over the first 2 weeks of June 2014 price of medium quality rice at wholesaler’s market dropped between Rp 50/kg to Rp 200/kg to become around Rp 7.300/kg to Rp 7,800/kg whilst price of premium quality rice remained stable at above Rp 8,000/kg to Rp 12,000/kg.

Nelly Soekidi, a rice trader stated that activities at the PIBC Rice Market was quite because rice supply from the regions came to around 3,200 tons/day or exceeding a normal condition of 2,500 tons/day. Until the Ramadhan fasting month and Lebaran, price of rice was predictably stable. Some rice production centers were having a second harvest, and predictably rice stock at PICB would increase.

Today PIBC Central Rice Market had a stock of 18,150 tons of rice; even rice transported from Makassar was still pilling up at trader’s rice barn because the quality was inferior so they had to be sold at below buying price.

Price of Unhusked Rice Increasing

In May 2014 all types of gabah quality at farmer’s level and rice mills increased. Survey run by the Central Board of Statistics [BPS] stated that in May 2014 the average price of dry gabah [GKP] at farmers was Rp4,130.49/kg an increase of 4.95% and at the rice mills Rp 4,209.36/kg an increase of 4.96% against rice of the same quality in April 2014. The average GKG price at farmer’s level was Rp 4,572.07/kg an increase of 0.95% at the rice mill Rp 4,648.51/kg an increase of 1.05%. price of low quality gabah at farmer’s level was Rp 3,564.91 kg, an increase of 1.15% and at the rice mills Rp 3,677/kg, an increase of 2.08%.

Against May 2013 the average price of gabah of all quality level was increasing. At farmer’s level, GKP quality increased by 8.62%, GKG increased by 2.78% and price of low quality gabah increased by 2.96%. At the rice mills there was 8.58% price increase of GKP, GKG price increased by 2.55% and price of low quality gabah increased by 3.98%. Through January-May 2014 the average highest price of GKP at farmer’s level was Rp 4,423.22/kg in February 2014 an the lowest Rp 3,802.70/kg in May 2013.

Through May 2014, highest price of unhusked [gabah] at farmer’s level was Rp 7/kg and Rp 7,600/kg at rice ill level. Lowest price of rice at farmer’s and miller’s level was respectively Rp 2,800/kg and Rp 2,950/kg. Highest price at farmer’s and miller’s level was for GKP rice of Siam Unus variety happening at the District of Beruntung Baru, the Refency of Banjar, Central Kalimantan. Meanwhile lowest gabah rice at farmer’s and miller’s level originated from low quality gabah of IR-64 variety and Muncul from the District of Tenjolaya, Regency of Bogor, West Java.

Through the period of May 2013 – 2014 the highest average proce of GKP and GKG at farmer’s level was respectively worth Rp 4,423.22kg happening in February 2014 and Rp 4,805.74/kg in December 2013. The average highest price of gabh of low quality gabah was in November 2013 worth Rp 3,908.11/kg. On the contrary the average lowest price of all gabah quality category was in May 2013 each GKP respectively was priced at Rp 4,448.67/kg and low quality worth Rp 3,462.40/kg.

At miller’s level, the highest average price of GKP and GKC was happening in February 2014 respectively worth Rp 4,501.84/kg and Rp 4,900.37/kg while low quality was in November 2013 worth Rp 3,983.96 kg. The average lowest price at miller’s level for all quality category of gabah was in May 2013 respectively GKP worth Rp 3,876.67/kg; GKG priced at Rp 4,532.96/kg and low quality gabah priced at Rp 3,536.89/kg.

Business News - June 20, 2014

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