Thursday, 10 July 2014


1.                  1. Oil & Gas and Non Oil & Gas Exports

Indonesian export in May 2014 increased by 3.73 percent compared to April 2014, from USD 14,292.5 million to USD 14,825.3 million. When compared to May 2013, exports decreased by 8.11 percent.

Increase of exports in May 2014 was due to increase in non-oil & gas exports by 6.95 per cent from USD 11,641.1 million to USD 12,449.6 million, while oil and gas exports fell by 10.40 percent, from USD 2,651.4 million to USD 2,375.7 million. Furthermore, decline in oil & gas exports was due to the decline in exports of oil products by 24.95 per cent to 302.3 million and exports of gas by 18.00 percent to USD 1,303.5 million, while crude oil exports increased by 16.84 per cent to USD 769, 9 million. Volume of oil & gas export in May 2014 to April 2014 for oil and gas fell by 16.66 percent and 13.75 percent, respectively, while crude oil exports rose 17.65 percent. Meanwhile, Indonesian crude oil price in the world market dropped from USD 106.44 per barrel in April 2014 to USD 106.20 per barrel in May 2014.
2. Non Oil & Gas Export by 2-Digit HS Groups of Goods

The largest increase in non-oil exports in May 2014 to April 2014 occurred in animal/vegetable fats and oils by USD 817.1 million (72.97 percent), while the largest decrease occurred in vehicles and parts thereof by USD 64.9 million (15.78 percent).

3. Non Oil & gas Export by Main Destination Countries

Indonesia non-oil & gas exports in May 2014 to China, the United State, and Japan reached USD 1,444.6 million, USD 1,288.6 million and USD 1,161.1 million, respectively with the role of three reached 31.28 percent. (E)

Business News - July 2, 2014

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