Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Commission IV of the House of Representatives urged the government so that Law No. 41/2009 on Sustainable Protection of Agricultural Land for Crop Farming could be implemented consistently. Therefore, agricultural land will not lessen due to shift of land function, so that food security will be maintained. We must be watchful over the highly rapid shift in land function. Regions which only pursue APBD (regional revenue) target have caused shift of land function becoming uncontrollable. This was stated by Vice Chairman of Commission IV of the House of Representatives, Firman Subagyo, when receiving delegates of Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) of Grobogan, Central Java, at the Parliament Building in Senayan, Jakarta.

Firman said that the House of Representatives highly supported consistent implementation of the Law as Central Java is a quite significant national food butter reaching 45%. Therefore, industrialization should not cause shift in agricultural land function.

Shift in agricultural land function reaches 120,000 hectare a year. While, size of agricultural land that can be opened is only 30,000 - 35,000 hectare.

The arrival of delegates of DPRD Grobogan led by Sutirto is in the framework of consultation on how to accelerate development, especially agricultural development, in Grobogan which is the second biggest area in Central Java after Cilacap. Some of the problems are many of younger generations are not interested in agriculture sector, lack of the role of Commission B of DPRD in the deliberation of Regional Budget (APBD) and agricultural facilities and infrastructures, and less supportive technology.

In response to this matter, Member of Commission IV of the House of Representatives, Djoko Udijanto, said that there are five variables implemented to increase welfare of poor farmers, namely correct input, capital assistance, preparation of adequate rural infrastructures, technology assistance, and marketing. If these two factors are realized, there will be development of agribusiness and increase of labor absorption that could prevent the younger generations from moving to the cities, and it will finally accelerate farmer’s welfare.

In the attempt to solve problems faced by the regions, Regent or Regional Head should have the initiative to work hard to develop his region and to increase farmer’s welfare. So, it is expected that members of DPRD of Grobogan wil make a program in the framework of improving farmer’s welfare, and the follow-up and budgeting will be assisted by Commission V of the House of Representatives.

In the State Budget (APBN) of 2013, there are regional transfer fund at Rp 528 trillion. This fund must reach the right beneficiary target, and DPR should participate in eliminating poverty.

Business News - December 12, 2012

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