Tuesday, 11 December 2012


An interesting news spread out last week: The Deposit Insurance Body [LPS] would permit purchase of 99 shares of PT Bank Mutiara Tbk [BClC] with recapitalization of bonds as long as the value was equal to Government capital insertion of Rp.6.7 trillion. Bank Mutiara’s process of dive station would be re opened by next year.

According to Mirza Adityaswara, Executive Head of LPS, he was willing to receive payment from candidate investors who ware using fund of bond recapitalization to buy Bank Mutiara’s shares. To buy shares with bond recapitalization was not a new discourse because it was thrown before in the process of selling Bank Mutiara since two years ago. The point was that LPS was opening talks to discuss means of payment provided that the value remained to be Rp6.7 trillion.

So LPS would permit purchase of 99% of shares of PT Bank Mutiara Tbk [BClC] with bond recapitalization as long as the value was the same of Government’s capital inclusion of Rp7.7 trillion. This option was to be re-offered next year.

It was mentioned that LPS was obliged to comply with the Regulation which stipulated that price of Bank Mutiara selling must be in accordance with Government’s bridging fund. In this case LPS’s interest was to comply to due diligence on candidate buyers in accordance with the per-requirements set by LPS and Bank Indonesia.

Word was out that thanks to its bettered performance, the market value of Bank Mandiri had reach three times of its present equity value. Equity of Bank Mutiara up to July 2012 was Rp1.108 trillion and was predicted to become Rp1.136 trillion by end of year. Meanwhile total asset up to July had reached Rp13.95 trillion with final target of Rp14.78 trillion.

Based on Bank‘s Business Plan [RBB] as elaborated by end of 2013 company’s equity was predicated to reach Rp1.5 trillion. Increase of equity was supported by prediction of company’s net profit by end of 2012 which was predicted to reach Rp180 billion and by end of 2013 to reach Rp 3 trillion.

About the option of bank buying using recapitalization bond, it would surely be advantageous to the Government, because we could sell Bank Mutiara based on the price set forth by the Parliament, i.e. Rp 6.7 trillion. Furthermore to buy Bank Mutiara by using recap bonds could also lessen interest burden to be paid by the Government. 

Rumors were out that a number of banks which were still holding recap bonds were persuaded to buy Bank Mutiara. This was done exactly during open IPO by deposit insurance body next year; among them was PT Bank Mandiri Tbk.

Although the option of buying bank shares might use recap bonds, ideally and politics wise the House as legislative body should be consulted. The reason was because in the past recap bonds pipelines to problematic banks was also solved by joint political decision between the Government and House.

Some notes to be set forth was Firstly, the use of recap bonds was best to be prioritized for buying banks which were in the process of “release” by the Government. Secondly, the use of recap bonds using the type of bonds the yield of which was rated as also that profit of buyer bank was not reduced.

Thirdly, the type of bonds to be used as medium of transaction by calculating the bond’s due date. In this case the bonds whose due date was still a long way to go, for example 2030. Fourthly, calculation of intrinsic value and market value of bonds being used as medium of transaction must be done rightly so it would not only fulfill buying value of Rp6.7 trillion, but also to enlighten Government’s burden of interest coupons and bonds.

Lastly, the discourse on option of bank buying by using underlying transaction in the form of recap bonds must be followed up by economical, fiscal, legal and political analysis so things  without rising legal disputes in time to come.

Business News - September 19, 2012

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