Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Ministry of Marine and Fisheries (KKP) expected the government of Biak Regency to support the implementation of Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program (COREMAP). Conservation area reserve in Biak water territory is very potential for the implementation of program. This area located in Pasic Village, Aimando Padaido Atas District is potential to be conserved up to Padaido archipelago, Owi, etc. this area has a potency of underwater  beauty, such as coral reef and various kinds of fish. Even, there is a ship wreck and airplane wreck which sunk into the sea. All of these are the heritage of World War Two. “These scraps become coral reef where marine life comes into existence”. Minister of Marine and Fisheries, Sharif C. Sutardjo, told Business News (9/17).

Besides Padaido, Biak also has Yapen Island which is a hatching place of four kinds of turtles (green sea turtles, leatherback turtles, olive ridley turtles, and star fruit turtles). Sustainability of coastal ecosystem which is rich in biological resources needs a healthy coral reef. Since 2005 to 2011, COREMAP budget reaches more than Rp.54 billion for coral reef management. The allocation is located in Biak Numfor, and the total realization is not less than Rp.40 billion.

Specifically the success of the COREMAP II program received appreciation from the World Bank with Satisfactory result. “Currently, the sustainability of COREMAP implementation for 2013 is being planned. ”Through the program, marine conservation management activities are conducted collaboratively based on society.”

And, this program also includes development of alternatives ways of a living, regular monitoring of health condition of coral reef ecosystem, and increase of awareness of society in utilizing resources presser babbly and sustainably. Indonesian marine conservation area has reached 15.78 million hectare of the target set by KKP at 20 million hectare 2020. KKP jointly with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy can follow-up and support the management of marine conservation effectively through sustainable marine tourism. Marine conservation area can also be used for various kinds of activities, such as research, training, environmental education, business, tourism, empower mental services by not ignoring the actual function of conservation.

Conservation has become an important focus for harmonization of economic interest and conservation of resources in supporting sustainable fisheries. KKP initiate it through Blue Economy policy which makes conservation as an instrument to empower sustainability of fish stock, assure ecosystem and environmental health, promote utilization and management of resources effectively and sustainably.

“Blue Economy” principle can provide a benefit to Indonesia as more than 70 percent of Indonesian seas and coasts could support marine development and sustainability of fishery resources. As an illustration, in 2010, total Indonesian population is at 237 million and is estimated to reach 255 million in 2020.

Indonesia’s marine economy potency is estimated to reach around USD 1.2 trillion per year, or equivalent to 10 times of Indonesia’s APBN in 2012. Moreover, next year, Indonesia will become the host in Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), which emphasizes on blue economy.

Business News - September 19, 2012 

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