Tuesday, 24 April 2012


          The Directorate General for Standardization and Consumer Protection (SPK) of the Trade Ministry has committed to reduce products which are not in accordance with Indonesian National Standard (inspeksi mendadak/sidak) to markets and shopping centers all over Indonesia. report of the inspection in January-February 2012 found 29 products which are violating SNI rules, 13 products violating manual and Guarantee card (MKG), and 59 products violating the regulations on Indonesian language labeling.

            The Director General of SPK, Nus Nuzulia Ishak, admitted that there were still some products circulating in the market which are not in accordance with SNI. Therefore, his party committed to continuously intensify inspection. Nuzulia explained that surprise inspection is conducted to crate a fair business competition. “This is also to increase consumer protection”, he said.

         But, he promised that surprise inspection is conducted to intensify supervision of circulating products without creating a negative effect. This activity is also conducted to acquire direct and real information regarding circulation of certain products in the domestic market. According to him, the program on surprise inspection is also an active manifestation of government’s role in protecting consumers from circulation of products which are not in accordance with standards.

            He confirmed that inspection is conducted to ensure rights of consumers. Therefore, the government uses the SNI instrument. Sustainable inspection is expected to be able to encourage the businesses to increase competitiveness in producing or trading qualified products in accordance with the prevailing legislation in order to create a healthy and conducive business climate.

            He said that the government will perform development of the businesses concerned and law enforcement if they are proven to have violated the legislation. Nuzulia explained that inspection of circulating products will be done synergically based on the prevailing legislation. In addition to conducting supervision on circulating products and services, the government will also perform intensive education and development to businesses and consumers. Consumer will be educated so they will be critical before buying or consuming goods and services.

            By applying SNI, according to Nuzulia, trust on national products will be increasingly high and it will have a strong effect on national competitiveness in local and international market. He expected that consumers should not only consider the price, but also the quality of a product. He considered that a standard is very important for competitiveness of a product in connection to price, quality, and supply. “When we talk about quality, it is not free from standardization. A standard could reduce cost and provide economic benefit”, he said. 

 Business News - April 18, 2012

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