Tuesday, 17 April 2012


          Turkish authorities announced investigation outcome of the Anti Dumping Convention on zippers products (HS 9607.11 and HS 9607.19) and stipulated to impose Circumvention anti-dumping tax on Indonesia at the amount of USD 3/kg but exempted an Indonesia company PT YKK Zipco Indonesia for HS.9607. (treaded plastic zippers).

            Investigation of Anti Dumping Circumvention on Indonesia’s zipper products started on July 15, 2011 which was done by request of Turkish domestic industry united in Components Manufacturers Association (KSYD). This investigation resulted from imposition of dumping tax on similar product from China since October 30, 2010 at USD 3 per kg.

            According to the Director of Trade Security Division, Ministry of Trade Ernawati, pursuant to that matter, alleged Indonesian producers and exporters had submitted questionnaire response to the Turkish authorities, but only that of PT YKK Zipco Indonesia was declared as complete while other alleged Indonesian exporters were rated as uncooperative.

            In making defenses, the Government of RI through the Directorate of Trade Security (DPP) had coordinated with alleged Indonesian producers and exporters and had tried to inform and facilitate the alleged companies in making defenses, giving Government’s attention, helping them with questionnaire filling and accompaniment during on the spot verification exercised by the Turkish authorities.

         Data of Comtrade had it that Indonesia was in the 5th position as exporter or related product (HS9607.11) to Turkey with total export value of USD 153 thousand and USD 314 thousand over the period of 2008 – 2010; whilst in case of HS 9607.19 Indonesia was in 1st position with export value totaling USD 3.9 million, USD 8.4 million through the period of 2008 – 2010.

        Beside dumping tax for zippers, Turkey had twice before imposed Circumvention dumping tax on ex-Indonesia imported products, among other Hinges of base metal, taxed at USD 0.75 – USD 1.64 kg effective since August 27, 2008 and air conditioner amounting to 25% effective as per January 4, 2011.  

 Business News - April 11, 2012

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