Sunday, 26 February 2012


             In line with promoted rating to Investment Grade by Moody’s Investor Services and Fitch ratings recently, Indonesia had broad opportunities to drum up foreign investors. Enter a team of American investors to Indonesia.

          There American investors were combined in the US-ASEAN Business Council had their commitment to increase their investment this year in tandem with investment grade rating achieved by Indonesia.

         The President of US-Asean Business Council Alexander C Feldman said the investment grade rating achieved by Indonesia gave more confidence to American companies to continue investment in Indonesia they had growing confidence in Indonesia’s investment climate. The rating testified that the economic policy put in effect was good.

            For information US Asean Business Council was a business forum of American businesspeople operating in the ASEAN region. This organization enlisted more than 100 old and new companies whi were interested in investing in Indonesia and Asean states.

          Fieldman stated that every year the US-Asean Business Council invited American companies to see business potentials in Indonesia and Asean states. This time 25 companies were invited to see business potentials in Indonesia 5 days ago. It was noteworthy that normally the length of visit was 3 days, but now extended to 5 days and involving more companies.

       Having met Vice President Boediono, the US Asean BC Delegation also visited the Indonesia Security Exchange, a number of cabinet Ministers, business associations and the Parliament. While praising Indonesia’s economic condition, they also stated their expectation for a definite and reassuring business climate whereby to enliven their spirit and zeat in business. They expressed their commitment to increase investments this year in line with Indonesia’s promoted rating to Investment Grade.

            In this case American companies were also ready in supporting Indonesia in infra structure building within the framework of the Indonesian Economic Acceleration and Expansion Development Plan (MPSEI). Development of infra structures within this plan would attract American companies to invest in Indonesia.

            In fact their expectations for legal certainty and legal assurance and involvement in infra structure building had been in line with The Government’s program, who was now in the process of promoting business climate through better regulations. Beside the two above mentioned aspects settlement of labor dispute between employer corporations and workers in industry should be settled accordingly.

         National business competitiveness based on doing business index must also be part of Government’s attention because this was related to corruption eradication plan and reformation of the bureaucracy to serve investors’ interest. Widespread news of cases of corruption lately might lead candidate investors to think twice before investing in Indonesia.

            Semesterly and annual review and monitoring of doing business index should be part of the Government’s main agenda whereby good rating might be maintained or even improved so foreign capital inflow could be increased. In times when export was under oressure of slowed down global economy, investment should compensate on lessened income from export so national growth target of above 6% could be attained.

 Business News - February 15, 2012

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