Sunday, 12 February 2012


           The Ministry of Maritime and Fishery (KKP) extended aid to fishermen of the Riau islands (Kepri) in the form of Cultivated Fishery to the amount of Rp 1.365 billion consisting of two business packages. Assistance based on Community group amounting to Rp 150 million, 20,000 pieces of fishermen’s ID card, land certificates for fishermen consisting of 300 blocks. Two units of fiberglass boats and 5 wooden boats complete with equipments were also included in the aid package. “We have presented 45 fishermen’s boats of 2 GT capacity, and 30 units of SGT fishermen’s boats. Development aid for Rural Mina Business (PUMP) extended to the Government of the Riau province amounting to Rp 3.3 billion”. The Minister of Maritime and Fishery Sharif G. Sutardjo disclosed to Business News (30/1).

            The PUMP program being launched was divided into two parts, i.e. PUMP for hooked fishing and PUMP for Cultivated Fishing. PUMP Assistance for Hooked Fishing amounting to Rp 2 billion distributed to Groups of Shared Business (KUB) of Hooked Fishing, each group receiving aid of Rp 100 million.

            Today in Riau islands there were around 49 Shared Business Group spread out all over Riau islands.

           Assistance included also seven units of INKA MUNA boats worth Rp 10.5 billion in the hope that the aid could support development of fishery industry in Batam island and Riau islands. Aid for PUMP of cultivated fishing to be pipelined to the Provincial Government reached Rp 1,365 billion distributed to 21 groups consisting of five regencies/cities.

          The Province of Riau consist of 2,408 islands big and small of which 30% are still nameless and unoccupied. Total land area is 252,601 sq km of which 95% are sea and around 5 percent land.

            The total area of land which were potentially productive included land for embankments in Riau islands 100.553 ha; plain water ponds 189 ha, and sea cultivation area covering 1,168,220 ha. For that matter synergy was needed between the Central Government, and regencies/cities and all community groups in Riau island” Minister Syarif said.

            The Regency of Bintan Kepri would be functioned as a Minapolitan (fishery center) to be followed by Batam City and Tanjung Pinang and Surroundings. As with Batam City, it would be dominated by hooked fishing while fishery cultivation would also be developed.

         Today there was Fish Nursery Center in Barelang, Sea Cultivation Center (BBL) in Batam, which were Technical Undertaket Units (UPT) of the Ministry of KKP.

            In a different location, the Controlling Board of Commodity Future Market (Bappepti) saw the potential of PT Pertani to manage warehousing Receipt so illumination and educational campaigns were constantly Indramayu could be beneficial to farmers. “Warehouse capacity reached three thousand tons. The infra structure included quality testing, and storage administration. Confirmation that classification had met standardization. Now warehousing could store in husked grains (gabah) and rice”. Head of Bappebti Syahrul R. Sampunjaya told Business News (30/1).

            Warehousing could hold nearly 1,500 tons of gabah today. The value was around Rp 8.5 billion. Bappepti would continue to step up Storeroom Receipt System (SRG) and synergize with PT Pertani in some regions. Beside that in Indramayu PR Pertani also had assets of storerooms in South Sumatra, South Sulawesi and some regions in East Java. “This is an indication that not only the Central Government with State Funding, but development of storerooms by Bappebti also optimized special allocated funds including Regional Budget (APBD)”.

            PT Pertani was continuously developing and functioning the Storage Receipt System today, In the future Bappepti and the Ministry of Trade were developing 15 units of storerooms. “We will see which regency had the competence to manage plantation yields whether it was rice, corn, or coffee in Aceh; or seaweed, rubber etc”. 

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