Sunday, 8 January 2012


               The Working Committee for Upstream Electricity Sector of Commission VII of House in their technical visit to Belawan had detected a case where a gas powered generator did not get sufficient supply of gas from PT Pertamina as agreed in contract. This was disclosed by Head of Team of Commission VII of House, Drs. Azwir Dainy Tara during meeting with PT Pertamina and PT PLN at PLTG Meeting Hall in Belawan.

           PLTG Belawan obtained gas supply from PT Pertamina based on Gas Trading Agreement [PJBG] in December 19, 2005 for a contract period of 10 years including gas supply of 151.90 BSCF. However realization of gas supply from Pertamina to PLN in 2009 had always been below contract, and since December 2009 to December 2010 gas supply from Pertamina was stopped due to application of gas specification.

                Gas Supply from the Glagah Kambung oilfield [operator of Salamander gas] was unrealized as agreed in contract because PLN Belawan generator was malfunctioning as the being supplied was of the wrong specification. Additional gas supply was being sought after by PLN Belawan from floating storage and degasification unit of FSRU Belawan which was being built by the State Gas Company PGN. FSRU needed LNG amounting to 1.5 -2 MTPA but now the supply being realized was only 1 MTPA from BP Tangguh.

                The State Electricity Company PLN had asked PT Pertamina EP to pipeline gas from Pangkalan Susu and the specification should be in accordance with PJBG. Taking and sampling of gas should be done by Pertamina EP regularly every 2 weeks and to be witnessed by official of PLN Powerhouse of North Sumatra.

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