Monday, 8 August 2011


BNI recorded performance growth. Up to end of June 2011, BNI’s net profit increases by 41% from Rp.1.93 trillions to Rp.2.73 trillions. Meanwhile, total loan distributed grows by 21% from Rp.126.23 trillions to Rp.152.90 trillions. Increase in cheap fund current account and savings account (CASA) grows by 10%. Gross non-performing loan (NPL) declines from 4.3 % to 4.0 %, and net NPL declines from 0.9 % to 0.7 %, and Loan to Deposit Ratio (LDR) grows form 68.2 % to 76.1 %. The performance growth is supported by coverage ratio which is stable at level 120.5 %

BNI’s President Director, Gatot M. Suwondo, admitted that performance growth happened after in the last three years, his party performed strengthening of financial fundamentals which is mainly focused on loan quality. In 2011, BNI is focusing on six strategic policies, namely sharpening of business segmentation in banking and consumer/retail businesses, continuing increase of asset quality, aggressive growth of cheap fund and diversification of fee-based income, increasing of operational efficiency, increasing of quality of customer experience, and strengthening of BNI Incorporated.

Loan distribution in corporate segment, small business segment, and consumer segment experiences a very satisfactory growth. If compared to same period of last year, loan in corporate segment grows by 25 % from Rp.45.25 trillions to Rp.56.84 trillions. Loan for small businesses (KUK) grows by 17.3 % from Rp.26.98 trillions to Rp.31.65 trillions. Consumer loan grows by 34 % from Rp.20.40 trillions to Rp.27.33 trillions, and international business financing grows by 27 % from Rp.4.79 trillions to Rp.6.08 trillions.

The focuses of loan distribution in each segment are, amongst other, the focus of corporate segment is infrastructure, small business segment is supporting commerce in the regions, and the focus of the consumer segment is on housing loan.

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