Monday, 8 August 2011


Head of the Board of toll Road Management (BPJT) Ahmad Ghani Gozali stated that the had not known for certain the adequacy of the Semarang Unggaran toll road section to be used during the “Home for Lebaran” rush 2011 because that section was part of the Semarang – Solo section which was still waiting for readiness check up in terms of technical, administrative and security. “If all requirements were fulfilled, the toll road would be open for public, if not then we dare not to open it” Ghani told Business News in Jakarta on Friday (22/7).

To check feasibility of the road the estimated time needed would be not more than one month. From the quality check up process the inferiorities of the road would be detected such as degree of flatness etc, which would take time to accomplish. The Board of Toll Road Management, Semarang – Solo Section, in this case PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk asked for BPJT permission to be given time to accomplish the task.
Ghani’s statement was in reponse to public insistence, especially the citizens of Semarang that the Semarang – Unggaran section be used to accommodate home for Lebaran traffic rush 2011. Vice Chairman of Commision D of Central Java Regional Parliament Sasmito believed that functioning of Semarang Unggaran toll road section through Lebaran festive days was important as it could reduce traffic jam along the Semarang Unggaran section where some of the lanes were not wide enough. For example, in the Regency of Semarang some of the lanes were not ideal “The Semarang – Unggaran section had no motorcycles lane. Such a condition has the potential to stagnate traffic during Idul Fitri holidays if the Semarang Unggaran section were not operational” Sasmito remarked.

So far road building of section I Semarang – Unggaran was still underway the technical construction was at the stage of toll road building at Jalan letjen Suprapto I Unggaran, Regency of Semarang.

Repair of the road section of around 500 meters long which sank due to land motion at km 5.5 was up till now still not completed. Due to the long dragging process of road repair of the Semarang – Unggaran section, the feasibility test process of this toll road remained unclear.

Commisioner of PT Trans Mega Central Java, Danang Atmodjo was in no condition to clarify when the process of road repair be completed. According to Danang, the changing weather often stagnated the process of repair as heavy equipment machines could not function to the maximum, however he would do his best to complete repair on time. “I dare not promise when the process would be completed considering the irregular weather. One thing is sure up till now the overall process had been 90% accomplished” he remarked.

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