Monday, 27 April 2009

Indonesian Halal requirements meeting with LPPOM - MUI

Market Access Team on Agro-Food Products, a team coordinated by European Commission to Indonesia, has conducted a meeting took place on April 15, 2009 with the LPPOM-MUI, Institute for the Indonesian Council of Ulama who is responsible for the Halal Certifications in Indonesia. Summary, by Minna Piekkari, trade officer of the European Commission delegation to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam, of the meeting's main discussion points are below:

  • A new list of accredited Overseas Halal Certification Bodies, which are authorized to give a Halal certificate for ingredients/raw materials and meat products imported to Indonesia has been drafted by the MUI and will enter into force on 1st October 2009. The list is final and will be opened for revision after a period of two years (in 2011)
  • The list of accepted Halal bodies in Europe has been reduced from before. The accepted bodies in mainland Europe are however authorised to give Halal certification to establishments from all European countries
  • The Draft Halal Law is waiting for the time after Elections to be processed by the Parliament
  • International Training on the Halal Assurance System will take place in Bogor, Indonesia on 28 - 29 July 2009, directed to distributors, producers and suppliers involved with Halal products. MS companies / importers / distributors are encouraged to participate.

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