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The tourism sector had strong resistance against crisis, and could be a new hope to economic growth. For that matter the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy [Kemenparekraf] was continuously developing potential of the tourism sector i.e. by enhancing sustainable tourism.

The development of tourism today was signified by change of orientation from mass tourism to alternative tourism. Market orientation from mass today more on environmental and cultural sensitiveness materializing in the form of alternative tourism.

While making environment and culture as green tourism object the Ministry also set the hotel sector as main component in tourism for developing eco-tourism. The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Mari Elka Pangestu stated in Jakarta on Tuesday [23/9] that green labeled hotels who had their commitment to sustainable development were recommended to have incentives to motivate them to manage hotels on eco-tourism basis.

Mari Elka disclosed that green labeled hotels in Indonesia were limited in number due to low awareness of hotel managers on the importance of sustainable development. The Minister expected that with tax exemption as incentive other hotels could be motivated to be more environmentally considerate. While conserving nature, sustainable development was also believed to enhance operational efficiency. So far Minister Mari admitted, only international level hotels applied green labeling, so broader education was necessary for businessplayers and the general public.

Minister Elka said that she was also certifying hotels. She mentioned that 1.700 started hotels spread out in all of Indonesia was prioritized for the implementation of certification by Certifying Agency for Tourism [LSUP]. Furthermore Mari explained that certification was applied on big industry units so they could be easily identified and were of international standard, while other tourism industry line would have their turn for labeling with the formation of new LSP.

The 17 LSUP which had been designated in accordance with the Regulation of the Ministry of Economy and Creative No. 1/2014 on Certification for Tourism business were mostly hotel certification agencies spread out in Java and Bali. The designation of LSUP was initial step toward standardization of companies that they might be competitive toward AEC 2014.

Mari remarked further that the Certification and standardization included 3 aspects, is product, service, and management which was regulated in business standardization through Ministerial Regulation. Besides, certification was also exercised in areas of 16 National Strategic Tourism Zones [KSPN] which was stipulated in line with tourism development plan in Indonesia.

Furthermore Mari disclosed that development of sustainable tourism could conserve the beauty, life and culture of Indonesia which was willed to the next generation. Companies in the tourism were demanded to be adaptive to environment. The chane would materialize in professions which were environmentally friendly.

She believed that it was time to strengthen the foundation of sustainable tourism by industries in many provinces in Indonesia.

The strategic Plan of building sustainable tourism was closely related to environmentally based professions, where tourism might give professions which was environment orientated. (SS)

Business News - September 26, 2014

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