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The Office for President’s Special Representation of Millenium Development Goals [MDGs] saw that the role of students and social media was significant for target attainment in 2015 next. To tertiary students, the educated group, it was obligatory to publicise various programs and development activities of nation and character building in Indonesia. “The role of social media like twitter could be helpful. Just twit all the good things until the echo reverberates, because there is only one year left” The President’s special envoy for MDGs Nila Djuwita F. Moeloek disclosed to Business News sometime ago.

Millenim Development Goals to Indonesia who ratifies the document was a commitment to promote people’s welfare and to contribute to welfare of the world’s population. The birth of MDG in September 2000 made development more focused, dynamic and measurable in poverty eradication. “But MDGs especially point seven which is environment namely water supply is still not attained.”

The eight objectives of MDGS were among others poverty eradication, starvation, basic education, equality of gender, women’s empowerment, betterment of children’s mortality, betterment of mother’s health, eradication of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases and fostering partnership for development. “Our report card is still red, not just water but mark for mother’s helath is still low. The reason, among others was fish consumption which was only 2.4%”

KUKPRI did not only deny that fishermen’s catch is still a problem. At sea, foul weather was an obstacle for fishermen to catch fish. “But we have abundant plain water fish” So KUKPRI saw that one of the effort to attain MDGs target, particularly point 5 was to increase fish consumption. Besides, so far East Java was known as center of Lele Earl cultivation. Even other fish like patin, Gurame etc could be cultivated in some areas in East Java. “We can set up a fish cannery industry. In a condition as today, when mount Kelud erupted, Lele Eel cab be canned for practical reason.”

KUKKRPI was in fact in fact disheartened by conversion of agricultural land for commercial sector like trading, so 11 thousand hectares of land in java tend to be degraded, especially in areas used for agriculture and fish cultivation. Besides there was also other multiplier effect, i.e. urbanization. Many villagers migrated to Jakarta which was overcrowded. Industrial activities and wastage disposal resulted in climate irregulatity. “Solution for Jakarta, extreme as it may sound, 40 percent of the population must leave.”

The rainy season caused annual problem in Jakarta: flood. Flood kept storming, happening everywhere as routine disaster. Realize it or not, flood was the outcome of Man’s misbehavior. When flood came, people cursed around around but during the dry season they suffer from drought and water shortage. “Flood is caused by Man’s carelessness who destructed the waterway system. So we have to conserve good quality water. We drink water of the best quality. For ricefield watering, low quality water can be used. We all need water starting from packaged water, reservoir water etc. there are many categories of water but we cannot process and use them properly. So in the attainment of MDGs in terms of environment, our report card is still red”

Packaged water had become a trend for urban people especially in Jakarta. The problem was that very often users did not finish the water they drank from the plastic bottle. When accumulated, each day hundreds or perhaps thousands of litres of clean water were wasted. The condition was contradictory to that in NTT, Central Kalimantan etc where people took water from rivers.

The same was with people of NTT who obtained water by collecting rain water. People’s life was hard, especially in NTT and Central Kalimantan when they needed water. Everyone needed water, even their blood was made of water. The philosophy : man could not produce water buy time after time they consume water. “Awareness must be built that water is most vital. People of the big cities especially Jakarta very often fail to realize how water shortage might come anytime.” (SS)

Business News - February 28, 2014

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