Sunday, 11 November 2012


The Government had made several breakthrough to improve people’s welfare. Among them was to stipulate the policy of promoting creative culture, i.e. an economic activity with underlying culture, creativity, craftsmanship, and individual skill. To enhance the above efforts, the Government had set legal umbrella by issuing the Presidential Instruction no. 6 year 2009 On Development of Creative Economy 2009 – 2015. This Presidential Instruction was addressed to two Coordinating Ministers, namely: the Coordinating Minister of People’s Welfare and the Coordinating Minister in Economy, 21 ministers, four non-ministerial Institutional Heads, Governors, Regents and Mayor in all of Indonesia to promote development of creative economy and make it a successful project.

Dody Edward, Director of Development of Export Products and Creative Economy, Director General of National Export Development (PEN) Ministry of Trade on Monday (10/11-2012) underscored the importance of Government’s role in introducing and promoting creative economy to the general public. Dody was expecting that development of creative economy could bring positive impact on the social economic life of the people as well as creating employment, business opportunities, and to promote trading, tourism, and investment in Indonesia. “Our country is rich in natural resources, now the problem is just how to tap them so we could develop industry and promote people’s welfare and well being” Dody was quoted as saying.

Dody saw that the creative work of Indonesians were not only favored at the local market but also widely acclaimed at the international market. Some commodities of the creative industry which were sought after at the international market were among other: fashion products, IT products, Indonesian movies, etc. The unique design, assurance of high quality materials used by the creative industry in Indonesia were highly appreciated and sought after by the consumers in Asia, Europe and US markets.

Dody saw that there was a golden opportunity for players of the creative industry in Indonesia i.e. the distribution network which was widely spread which offered more sales and bigger profit. Considering the great potentials treasured by the creative industry sector, according to Dody, support was called for from the related parties to speed up growth of the creative industry. The intellectuals, for example needed to explore and publicize the new norms applicable in the environment especially those related to science and technology.

Local producers of the creative industry needed to adopt and apply modern technology in the production and distribution process whereby to make products more beneficial to users. On the other hand Government officials were expected to adopt business rules and trading policies which were conducive to progress in progress in management, facilitation and empowerment of local creative industry with emphasis in human resources upgrading, locating of industry and strategic budgeting for the growth of creative economy.

Dody elaborated that considering Indonesia’s geographic condition and wealth of natural resources, and diverse arts and culture and the artistic gift of the people, it became an undeniable fact that the wealth of creative talents was the spring of inspiration for making products of high creative value and strong competitive edge which would eventually bring sustainable progress to the industry and prosperity for the people.

Therefore, in the effort of developing the creative economy, it became indispensable that all endeavors must begin with enhancing creative culture and habit among the people. “We need to step up quality of human resources in the process of transformation to stimulate creative which would propel the creative industry sector according to strategy, direction, and target set” Dody concluded.   

Business News - September 14, 2012   

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