Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Crude oil looting on Tempino-Plaju pipeline in Jambi and South Sumatera is increasingly concerning.  The losses in May 2012 reach 39,000 barrels of crude oil. And, in June, total losses increase to more than 59,000 barrels during that month. Pertamina EP regretted that there is no response yet on the report conveyed to law enforcers in the criminal act. One of the proofs is that the amount of losses as a result of the looting on the Tempino-Plaju pipeline increases each month, Pertamina EP’s Public Relations Manager, Agus Amperianto, told Business News (7/2).

The looting causes loss to the state due to loss of state revenue potency from the aspect of crude oil production as mandated by the government through BPMIGAS to Pertamina EP. Criminal act is rampantly occurring in Pertamina EP’s oil gas operations area, especially in South Sumatera and Jambi. The criminal act is committed on company personnel and assets that has caused tens of billions of Rupiah in losses. The criminal acts occurring include, amongst other, crude oil looting, asset thievery, sabotage, and violent crime. Many of the criminal acts occur in Pertamina EP’s operational area in Sunatera and Jambi. Losses have occurred two times in there two regions and total losses have reached more than 100,000 barrels. The irresponsible, but it also hamper operational activities because of lost and damaged assets, environmental pollution, and fire threat.

A photovoltaic company from Germany, Inutec Solar Center, once regretted the prohibition imposed by Customs and Excise officer from Soekarno-Hatta airport, Cengkareng, Jakarta. The solar panels for generating electricity are planned to be given as a gift to University of Indonesia (UI) Energy Center in Depok. But, when the solar panels have already been shipped from Germany through Soekarno-Hatta airport, it is prohibited by customs and excise officer. We have shown recommendation letter from UI that the solar panels are intended for education and development of renewable energy in Indonesia. Therefore, there is no reason why the solar panels have to be prohibited, Lismawati, Inutec Jakarta Representative, told Business News.

Inutec’s gift to UI is a right thing as the Energy Center needs equipment. Some students of the Technical Faculty, especially those who join the S-2 program need equipment at the laboratory. There was a foreign private company who gave assistance, but there was bureaucracy problem at the airport. We are concerned that the act of the customs and excise office could degrade Indonesia’s reputation. The German company did not get anything, but they have spent some cost for assisting UI. And, at the airport, the office offered an option on re-export to Germany. We refused it because the cost is very expensive.

The value of the gift from Inutec to UI Energy Center has reached hundreds of millions of Rupiah. Besides grant of solar panels, founder of Inutec and photovoltaic expert, Alexander Kaub, will provide capacity building to UI Students. Its potency is enormous considering that Indonesia has a tropical climate, with its sun rays hotter than in Germany. Sun ray as source of energy in Indonesia is three times of that in Germany. But, development of solar energy system in Indonesia is far behind Germany. So, there should be a development in the future. If not, our fossil fuel could only exist for nine more tears at the maximum.

PLN and Petronas Carigali (PC) have signed a gas sales agreement on Kepodang field. The agreement was signed by President of PLN, Nur Pamudji, and General Manager of Petronas Carigali Indonesia Operations, Zainal Anuar B. Abdullah, Gas supply from Kepodang field will be intended for PLTGU (gas abd steam-fired power generator) Tambah Lorong in Semarang. Supply is scheduled to start in 2014. The contract period is 12 years or up to the end of December 2026. Currently, PLTGU Tambah Lorong is rested temporarily because much of Central Java load is supplied from PLTU (steam-fired powe generator). But, in the next two years, the load will increase, and at that time, PTTGU Tambah Lorong can be operated by gas to support growth of load, President Director of PLN, nur Pamudji, told Business News.

PC will supply 116 MBBTU of gas per day and the maximum utility is 121 BBTU per day. The price of gas agreed is USD 4.61/MMBTU with 8.6% escalation a years. 

 Business News - July 6, 2012

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