Monday, 26 September 2011


For 2012, the Government recommended target of oil production amounting to 950.000 barrel per day with 20 main KKKS which were expected to jack up production. The greatest oil production output was still expected from PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia with maximum production target of 357,000 barrels per day.

In the second position was PT Pertamina (EP) producing 135,000 barrels per day and in third position Total Indonesia E&P (East Kalimantan) producing 86,000 barrels of oil per day. Next on the list was Conoco Phillips producing 45.000 barrels of oil per day and Chevton Indonesia Co amounting to 28.300 barrels per day.

Furthermore PHE (ONW) producing 35,000 barrels of oil per day, Medco Sumatera (Rimau & SSE) producing 22,960 barrels per day and BOB Sumatra Bumi Siak Pusaka amounting to 17,000 barrels per day and PetroChina International (Jebung) producing 17.300 barrels per day.

Mobil Cepu Ltd was expected to jack up production to 22,000 barrels per day, Vico (Sanga Sanga) producing 15,000 barrels per day, PHE West Madura offshore producing 23,000 barrels per day and Conoco Phillips Sumatra (corridor blok) producing 12,200 barrels per day and JOB Petro China East Java Tuban amounting to 11,000 barrels per day and Kondur Petroleum 7,600 barrels per day.

Petro China Bermuda (Papua) was expected to contribute 6.190 barrels per day. PT Indonesia Tangguh producing 5,400 barrels per day. Star Energy (Kakap) 4,500 barrels per day and Exxon Mobil Oil (Aceh) producing 2,420 barrels per day.

Beside the said 20 KKKS operators, based on Vice Chairman of BP MIGAS Hardiono, the Government was also expecting additional production from other KKKS amounting to 59.130 barrels per day.

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