Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The government invites waste processing investors

The government through the Ministry of Public Works invites the private sector to be involved in waste processing business as part of the clean development mechanism (CDM) efforts. Modern waste processing will focus on controlled landfill or sanitary landfill to be used for energy production including power plants. According to the Public Works Minister, Djoko Kirmanto, there are already five CDM development joint projects between local governments and investors, i.e. TPA (waste disposal site) Suwung Denpasar, TPA Batulayang Pontianak, TPA Sumur Batu Bekasi, TPA Sukowinatan Palembang and TPA Tamangapa Makasar. He said cooperation between local governments and the private sector is important to maximize the certified emission reduction (CER) fund received by the local government to help cover the operational cost of the disposal sites.

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