Tuesday, 26 August 2008

EU lifts trade barriers for Indonesian fisheries products

The EU Commission eventually lifts the trade barriers for fishery export from Indonesia by easing the national fishery export guidance that freeing the condition of histamine test and lead. The directive 2008/660/EC was issued on July 31, 2008 after the commission was sure about improvements in the quality control and monitoring of Indonesian fisheries products exported to the EU.
The EU Commission has loosened test requirements for Indonesian fisheries products. Previously, the EU upped the requirements through the Commission Directive (CD) 326/2006 (2006/326/EC) dated March 21, 2006. The new directive frees Indonesian aquaculture and fisheries products from histamine and heavy metal tests. However, the EU maintains heavy metal test for Indonesian catch fish. The test requirements previously delivered a fatal blow to Indonesia's fisheries export since exporters had to spend more money on 400-700 samples per container. The requirement also increased the waiting time for Indonesian fisheries products entering the EU ports to two weeks and upped container cost to 1,500 euros-2,000 euros per day. Following the trade barrier lift, the UE states it recognizes and appreciates efforts made by the Indonesian authorities to improve their monitoring and control processes.

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